7 Things To Do In Vienna For Newly Weds

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Vienna, The City of and The City of Dreams, is one of the grandest cities in Europe with its elegance soaked history and architecture dating back in time. Vienna is known for its high quality of life, with its grand palaces and museums. Where else can you enjoy the sunset with your love than in this beautiful city?


St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna:

Take a walk 880 years back as you step into Stephansdom. St. Stephen's Cathedral, also known as Stephansdom by the Germans, is the mother church of the Roman Catholic tradition. Stephansdom is one of the most ideal tourist spots in Vienna. Holding each other's hands as you walk around the Stephansdom, the architectural beauty will definitely move you by awe. It's the architectural excellence of the Renaissance and Gothic architecture.

Vienna is known for its amazing architectural design around every corner, and you can witness that when you step in Stephansdom. Who better than to experience the fascinating architecture with your partner? Walk around the cathedral as you experience its Zig Zag Renaissance and Gothic blended pattern in the roof of the church and be awestruck.

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Vienna has Palaces in every corner of the city. During the Habsburg Empire, every noble family, to glorify their name, built Baroque or Neo-Classical places. And, now a part of the palaces are used for Music Concert, events, shopping mall, café and in some cases transformed into 5-star hotels. The best place to get royal service is from the royal land itself, be treated as King and Queen as you embark every adventure in Vienna.

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Horse Ride

A carriage ride on horses, sounds familiar, right? Take you back to the old times when you read the Cinderella story and always dreamt of going on one? Live your wildest childhood dream here in Vienna. Horse carriage is one of the main tourist attractions in Vienna, it's available in every corner of the city. Hop on and experience the beauty of the city, buckle up love birds, it's a ride to remember. Experience it as you sit side by side, exploring the beauty of Renaissance architecture around every corner of Vienna.

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Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel, a.k.a. Wiener Riesenrad, is one of the city's symbol. Built during the 1900s, it still stands strong till today and is one of the ideal places to visit. If you're craving adrenaline pumped adventure, hop on to the Ferris wheel, which is over 100 years old. Buckle up and enjoy the view of Vienna from the top of the world. In a cabinet in the air and amazingly breathtaking view of the city, experience it with your love. It's the best kissing spot in this fairy tale land.

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Music Concert

Concert Music drives us Millennials to its own tune. Go back in time as you experience authentic Classic Music performance. Music is home for many, as newlyweds going through each other's playlist is one of the many things that excites you. Sync into Vienna's Classical Music as it takes you to a different world. Vienna is a homeland for Music, significant composers have evolved from here.

This is a Music city, there are concerts everywhere around the corner and the best place to experience Classic music is in the Palace Schonbrunn.

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Wine Tasting

As wine gets tastier as it grows old, so does your love for each get delighted as days pass by. Experience the best of both worlds in the City of Vienna, walk your way to vineyard fields in the city. Vineyard fields are just a street away, go experience the farm culture of Vienna as you go for Vine tasting. White wine is a trademark drink in Vienna, walk by the fields and experience wine tasting.

Everything is good with a little wine in it. Walk in the vine field and experience how the authentic Viennese Wine is prepared. Drunked in love? Best place to try out Viennese wine and the most famous wine is the Viennses Heurige. Wine tasting is one of the cultures in Vienna. All roads lead to wine yards, and over 70% of the wine yards are in the city limits.

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Romantic date

Feeling home in each other's arms is a blessing in disguise, walk around the street and experience Vienna at its best. As you walk past Museums, museums, each picture paints a thousand words. Walk in for a romantic night dates in the city and listen to whole nine yards sipping wine from the finest restaurants.

Go on a Coffee date. Coffee houses in Vienna have played an important role in shaping historic Viennese culture, acting as a meeting place dating back to 19th century. Vienna is known for its café around every corner of the city. And, the best drink is the Viennese Coffee. Start your day walking together to a café with your love.

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