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For the bride and groom, a wedding DJ is an event that will be remembered as the day that the union was official. Memories will be created, and special moments will be captured between families, friends, and other loved ones attending the event to commence the union.

The Wedding DJ for the ceremony plays a critical role in making it a positive experience and a moment to remember. For that reason, it is imperative that you provide the Wedding DJ with as much information as possible to give them the tools necessary to succeed.
Below, I share a few important factors to consider when selecting the right Wedding DJ.

All DJ's aren't made equal:

One of the most single important factors you must understand is that every Wedding DJ is not the same. There are various types of DJ's for the different types of events. A DJ from your favorite nightclub won't necessarily be the DJ for your wedding.

Second, you should determine the genre(s) of music to be played and your music selection for the various events for the wedding. If the DJ will be providing the for the wedding ceremony, you will definitely need to ensure they have the songs you desire to be played readily available. An experienced DJ will usually request a list of songs that the bride and groom prefers to be played. 

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More than a Wedding DJ:

In most instances, the DJ will do more than play your music selection. The DJ often serves as the “producer” of the entertainment department during your wedding. The wedding typically starts and ends with the DJ. From the moment that the guests arrive, the Wedding DJ is playing the entrance music and continues the entertainment throughout the ceremony, only ending the event with playing everyone's favorite dancing tunes.

In my experience as a Wedding DJ, there have been numerous times that I have been asked to serve as the host as well as Master of Ceremony (MC) the entire event in addition to playing music. This includes introducing the bride and groom, the wedding party, keeping the crowd engaged during the event and hosting the reception activities.

In selecting the right DJ for your event, it is important that you establish what you expect from them when meeting with them initially. Understand that every Wedding DJ won't be open to being the MC and/or host.

 What Equipment is needed for a wedding?

Do you require only the basic services of a Wedding DJ, such as the music, a PA system with a mic and speakers, or would you prefer to go all out with subwoofers, lighting, and fog/smoke machines?  Knowing this prior to choosing your Wedding DJ is key to ensuring that your DJ is capable of committing to provide you with the services desired.

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Ask for references;

Again, the DJ is one of the most critical components to your wedding and will be having a lasting impact on one of your life's most memorable moments. Before settling on a DJ, do the proper research to best determine if the individual can live up to the services and commitments as advertised.

When interviewing potential DJ candidates that you feel may meet the qualifications, request references and ask for any proof (i.e., pictures, video, or media content) of previous events that they have serviced. This is so that you can gain insight of actual experience of those using their services.

Know your Budget:

This should probably be number one on this list. However, all the other factors must be considered prior to knowing what you can expect to pay for the desired DJ services. DJ services can vary from being fairly reasonable to very expensive depending on the types of services you require. More experienced DJ's tend to cost significantly more than the amateur DJ that does DJ'ing as a side gig.

There is also the novice DJ that will provide the basic services such as playing music only. In most instances, the novice DJ will be your cheapest but riskier option. While it is probably known as the most commonly used cliché, this is definitely where it would apply the phrase “you get what you pay for”.

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Get in Writing:

Once you have found the perfect DJ for your event, you must make it official. Document all agreed services and commitments in a signed contract. Be sure to work out an agreement to insure their services in the event that the individual becomes unavailable on the day of your event. This should be done in person so that each detail of the event is clearly understood by each party.
Lastly, be sure to provide constant updates to the DJ regarding your events to stay on their mind up to the day of the event. Continue to let them know how excited you are that they will be such a huge part of your memorable moment.

In closing, finding your soul mate is quite an experience. Celebrating the union with that person with family and friends is a rarity. Take the proper steps to ensure that you do it right and that every person involved in your special moment is just as invested as you are.

The DJ is the one individual that you can't afford to get wrong, and you must ensure that you get your selection right. The most certain way to ruin your wedding is to have expectations for a DJ's services only to arrive to that day and not get what you expected. Best wishes!

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