Tips for Impressive Dress Selection

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The sense of style and grace displays the essence of someone's personality. And of course, the brides Dress Selection are no different. Each bride wants every single detail from wedding decor, fun activities and the wedding attire to be the means of conveying her charming style and personality to the world. So that it is sweetly etched in the memories of everyone celebrating the wedding with her. 

Most of the time, it always starts with the bride's outfit. Everything from the groom's attire to the venue decor are made to match with the bride. The bride's outfit has many key deciding factors like the ceremony for which it is worn, the theme of the ceremony, the time of the year it is happening. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor event, whether it's a day/evening/night event. The colors and looks trending at that period of time when the wedding is happening, etc.…

The bride has to choose something without compromising on the comfort of the dress she is wearing and still look like a million bucks. If she selects something to go with her personality, the dress she is flaunting will be like her second skin. For a bride to achieve all this, it requires not just meticulous planning but understanding herself – her personality. 

For example, a perfect meal is a combination of the right amount of carbs, fats, protein, fiber, spices, seasonings, etc… Just like that, conjuring up the bride's perfect wedding look requires a concoction of sophistication, hot trends from your favorite celebrities, timelessness, right mix of colors, and umpteen potions of the wedding joy and happiness. This is complemented with the right jewelry, hair, makeup, and footwear. Let's look at the bridal themes based on which either a traditional or non-conformist bride can select her wedding outfits. 

Romantic Florals:

Is it possible for the bride to not think of flowers when romance is in the air? Bridal outfits featuring blooms create a breezy look for the bride without much fuss. Floral outfits make the bride look charmingly dainty and feminine without being too flamboyant. Hand embroidery, thread work and zardosi elevate these outfits and make them effortlessly chic.

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Regal Charm Dress Selection:

A fail-proof way to etch a sophisticated and timeless picture of the bride in the minds of the groom and the wedding guests is to adhere to the classic and conventional wedding colors and designs. It is not just an ode to our customs and heritage, but these outfits with grand antique embroidery paired with heirloom jewelry indisputably enhance the bride's look as it has, for all these years. 

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Subtle & Minimal Dress Selection:

Imagine a minimalist modern bride wearing subtle toned down colors, with a statement vintage choker. She exudes not just beauty but makes an impactful statement in a whole new way. These minimal attires exhibit the perfect balance of understated elegance, poise, and grace of the bride.

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Bright & Cheery Dress Selection:

The affinity towards vibrant and festive colors exhibits the playful, charming nature of the bride. These lively colors dial up the drama and set up the stage for fun and frolic. A bride donning these beautiful, cheerful outfits in striking combinations would be a sight to behold.  

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Edgy Elegance Dress Selection:

A bride wanting to break the norms can choose Dress Selection something edgy yet elegant by embracing the avant-garde designs for the trendy and sophisticated look. These modern outfits with a twist will make the bride unique and stand out from the crowd.

As we've seen in our previous post, there are different ceremonies of significance in a Punjabi wedding Dress Selection. Let's get inspired on how to decide on bridal outfits for each of these ceremonies based on the themes discussed above, in the forthcoming posts. Until then…

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